Bringing the body to business, and business to the body

Led by Mark Walsh and Francis Briers, with guests including Paul Linden and Adam Barley

pairwalk_w350The Embodied Facilitator Course is a year­ long personal growth deep-dive and professional skills training course. EFC equips trainers coaches and other facilitators with practical tools to work with the body, and enables body specialists (e.g. yoga, dance or martial arts teachers) to broaden their perspective and move into business and organisational training.

This is the only course of its kind, where participants are encouraged to find their own unique expression of embodied training. It is both a personal transformative adventure, and a thorough grounding in professional embodied work from multiple perspectives.

Here’s what makes our courses something special… even if we do say so ourselves.

Our course ensures not just deep learning, but also builds practical skills. We coach you to find the way that works for you, using the skills you already have and your actual work conditions. You will not do embodied work in an abstract way or become like photocopies of the tutors.

We’ve found that lasting change happens through the body and through practice. In our highly experiential courses there’s a good balance of challenge and support, and also modern behavioural change techniques to ensure the learning sticks. Be warned: you will experience significant personal change with our trainings; it is impossible to work deeply with the body without doing so.

We describe the Embodied Facilitator Course as having a “U” shape, because it involves moving from personal growth to professional application, with the middle being the deepest part.

There is a cap of 26 students and on each module, we aim to have one staff member per four students, so you will receive individual care and attention.

Many courses involving the body are taught from just one perspective or are led by people with no real depth of embodied learning. Our courses are taught by a team who have put in the hours (around 10,000 each minimum).

Embodied work comes from several roots, including martial arts, dance, mindfulness, spirituality, therapy and the arts. EFC covers this range of approaches and many of our team are teachers in one or more of them. Similarly, our staff come from a wide variety of professional settings, including business, public sector and charity/voluntary. This broad base is unique and will produce a depth of learning unavailable elsewhere.

One element that is strongly represented in all our courses is a sense of lightness and play. We use games, as well as the arts, and we have a good time learning. We take what we do seriously, but don’t take ourselves seriously. We are keen to train amongst equals; we want you to bring what you already know, as well as dive into what you don’t. “Beginners mind” is essential!

Multiple Perspectives

Our staff are from all over the world. Many have also travelled widely and lived internationally. Our participants come from all over the world too. EFC is multicultural and informed by our diverse experiences.

The course combines the very best of embodiment and facilitation skills to build
powerful and practical applications, with the bonus of a lot of fun, support and mutual learning

Antony Parry, ICF Professional Certified Coach & faculty CTI